International students welcome!

Universität Leipzig offers a research orientated master programme in Musicology. Applicants from different backgrounds, as well as bachelor degree students of Musicology are welcome. The courses and seminars are taught by internationally qualified teachers. The course language is German. Profound language skills are required.

In our master programme a supporting environment provides outstanding opportunities for your personal and professional development. Furthermore, the music related institutions of Leipzig (Gewandhaus, MDR, Hochschule für Musik und Theater, Museum für Musikinstrumente, Bach-Archiv, Mendelssohn- und Schumann-Haus, music publishers) offer many opportunities to gain practical experience.

For more general information on studying in Leipzig, including a list of courses taught in English, see here.

General information

The master programme is research orientated. Students are expected to become familiar with a wide range of areas from the subjects offered at the Institute for Musicology. These are:

– Historical Musicology
– Systematic Musicology
– Study of musical instruments (at the Museum für Musikinstrumente Leipzig)
– Music texture

Our master degree course is aimed at:

a) Students with a bachelor's degree in Musicology who wish to expand their knowledge of the main areas in this field of study
b) Students who graduated in a music related subject other than Musicology (e.g. Science of Art with focus on music, music pedagogy, church music, other subjects related to practical music, humanities bachelor with a minor in musicology) and wish to specialize in Musicology
c) Students with a bachelor's degree in a different subject who took Musicology as a minor

Please take a look at the details of our application procedure and admission requirements. Applicants can apply for the enrolment in the winter and summer term.

Career prospects:

The master programme opens new perspectives for potential scientific work (PhD/Promotion) and encourages an expansion of knowledge and methods for music related careers (media, cultural institutions, publishers, etc.).

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