Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hiller von Gaertringen  


Book Chapters and Journal Articles

with Jérôme Hansen, ‘Even Clean Hands Leave Marks: Testing the Edges of the Artwork at Tate Modern’, in: Craig Calhoun and Richard Sennett (eds.), Edges: Porous Boundaries and Ambiguous Spaces. Practicing Culture Series. Forthcoming, New York: New York University Press, 2014

with Matthias Benzer: ‘Boris Groys. Nuestro destino como cadáver viviente’, in: José Ossandón and Lucía Vodanovic (eds.), Disturbios Culturales. Ediciones Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile 2012, 97-115. 

with Jérôme Hansen: ‘Even Clean Hands Leave Marks:                                      Testing the Edges of the Artwork’, in: OPuS – Revue                                      Sociologie de l’Art 18, 2011, 75-110.

with Matthias Benzer (2011) ‘Thinking the New: Introduction to “ … Our Fate as a Living Corpse” An Interview with Boris Groys’, in: Theory, Culture & Society, 28 (2), 2011, 69-93.

Online Resources

‘Performance: Cathexis and Catharsis - Kiefer and Beuys’, Tate Online, ARTIST ROOMS, “In Focus” projects, 2014.

‘“New German Painting”: Painting in post-1989 Germany and Boris Groys’ Concept of Cultural Innovation’, in: Art Map 29 (December), 60-69, 2009.


Review of Hutter, M. and D. Thorsby eds. Beyond Price. Value in Culture, Economics and the Arts. Cambridge University Press 2008 315 pp.’, in: British Journal of Sociology 61 (1), 2010, 202-203.

‘Review of Petersson, D. and E. Steinskog eds. Actualities of Aura: Twelve Studies of Walter Benjamin. Aarhus University Press 2006 297 pp.’, in: British Journal of Sociology 58 (2), 2007, 335-336.

In Preparation

‘The “New Leipzig School”: Pop Art in the Former GDR’ (journal article).

‘The American Reception of the “New Leipzig School” of Painting: “Ostalgie” and the Durability of German Expressionism (journal article).

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