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Dr. Hannah Abdullah

Independent Scholar and Associate Lecturer, Institute of History of Art,
Universtät Leipzig

Email: hannah.abdullah[at]

Hannah Abdullah’s research is situated between art history and the sociology of art, focusing on artistic developments in East and West Germany post-1945 and post-1989. She earned her PhD from the Department of Sociology, London School of Economics with the thesis “New German Painting: Painting, Nostalgia and Cultural Identity in Post-Unification Germany” (April 2013). From July-December 2013 she was a German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Regain Fellow at the Institute of Cultural Sociology, Technische Universität Dresden, one of the leading research centres for art in the GDR. Hannah currently works on her book project "Painting from Post-Wall Leipzig" and teaches a course on the “Influence and Reception of Pop Art in 1960s West Germany” at the Institute of History of Art, Universität Leipzig

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