Leipzig collection initiative  

Leipzig collection initiative

The Leipzig collection initiative ("Leipziger Sammlungsinitiative") is an interdisciplinary project group from the fields of Egyptology, Archeology, History, Art History and Musicology. In the winter semester 2011/12, it was constituted as part of the overall university project "StiL-Studieren in Leipzig", which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the federal and state program for better study conditions and more quality in teaching (“Qualitätspakt Lehre”).

The project is devoted to the collections and museums of the University of Leipzig and is particularly concerned with its role as teaching and display collections, which were mostly created during the 19th century. The initiative aims to promote the scientific and historical relevance of the holdings and their value for the academic teaching in order to permanently strengthen their status as teaching collections.

The task of the staff is to support the collections and institutes in the field of the humanities in their previous and present initiatives and to ensure the further integration of the collections into teaching. In the course of the intensive interdisciplinary collaboration, numerous concepts have already emerged which, through the work on and with the object, enable an increased practical relevance in the course of study and thus increase the quality of the teaching.


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last update: 18.07.2017 


Project manager

Prof. Dr. Frank Zöllner

Institute for Art History

Dittrichring 18-20, Raum 5/08

04109 Leipzig

phone: +49 341 97-35551




Jana Raffel M.A.

Egyptian Musuem 

-Georg Steindorff-

Goethestraße 2, Raum 301

04109 Leipzig

phone.: +49 341 97-37015