From the weekly timetable to the choice of modules, from the organization of internships and studying at other locations to the bachelor thesis, the programme at the university can be rather confusing or disorienting. We compile all important information together to support the utmost opportunities during your bachelor programme.

Everyday studies

Each new semester we receive questions regarding the organization of modules. The following descriptions provide even those in advanced semesters helpful organizational solutions. For requests dealing with more difficult study situations our resource list aids to provide clarity.


Between your second and fifth semester you are required by your bachelor's program to complete an internship. You are responsible for procuring you preferred internship opportunity. If you have concerns regarding the suitability to the requirements of the program of your preferred internship, please send a brief email to stefanie.mauksch[at] For further information please consider the german version of this content.

Studying in new learning environments

University partnerships in Halle and Jena

Studierende sitzen in Gruppen im Schatten von Bäumen während eine Person stehend etwas vorträgt
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Erasmus+ Cooperations

Eine Studentin sitzt in einer hellen Bibliothek und macht sich Notizen beim Lesen.
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Periods abroad worldwide

Drei Studentinnen, die ein Kopftuch tragen, laufen einen Weg mit Büchern in der Hand entlang.
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Internships abroad

Eine junge Frau mit Hut steht am Fenster und schaut auf das Rollfeld eines Flughafens.
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Bachelor's Thesis

  • At the end of one’s studies students are expected to produce a bachelor’s thesis in accordance to various related formalities.
  • Students are expected to choose a topic on their own with which they either rework a theoretical problem and academic discussion or examine a suitable empirical phenomenon.
  • Important questions and answers regarding the wiriting process can be obtained in the provided FAQ on the german version of this website.

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