Admission requirements

To qualify for the Musicology master programme at Universität Leipzig, applicants are required to hold one of the following degrees:

– degree in Musicology (usually bachelor)
– a musical related degree
– a degree in a different subject (e.g. science of arts, history) with at least 60 CP achieved in Musicology
– equivalent accomplishments

Application procedure

Application documents

For admission to the master programme a written application is required. It must be sent to the Institute of Musicology directly. The application (scans or copies are sufficient) must contain the following documents:

– a brief and well-explained cover letter (you are invited to point out your personal subject-specific interests)
– a CV
– an equivalent degree to German Abitur
– a degree certificate or proof that a degree can be achieved with a regular course of study, until the beginning of the master programme
– if applicable: proof of subject related professional qualifications, internships or other activities related to the designated course of study

There is no test to be passed for the admission. Aptitude decisions are made by a commission on the basis of your submitted documents. Details are explained in the aptitude assessment regulations (Eignungsfeststellungsordnung).

Application deadline

Applications must be submitted by 20th August for enrolment in the winter term (starting in October) or 20th February for enrolment in the summer term (starting in April).

Send the application to the following postal or e-mail address:

Universität Leipzig
Institut für Musikwissenschaft
Neumarkt 9–19, Aufgang E
04109 Leipzig



Further steps

In addition to the application for the aptitude assessment, to be sent directly to the Institute of Musicology (as described above), another application for admission (Zulassungsantrag) is required, which must either be sent to the Studiensekretariat (student's office) of Universität Leipzig or to the Akademisiches Auslandsamt (international student office). For that to happen, apply online via:

If you need any help ore more information about application modalities of foreign students and degrees acquired abroad, click here or write an email to mentoring programme for international students.

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